FAQ's - Some answers to your queries

Controller not working?

If the remote control display is blank, or the system isn’t responding, try changing the batteries. Slide the front panel down and off to access the battery compartment. If this doesn’t solve your problem then ring our office on 03 578 0030 to discuss further action.

How do I use my controller?

Follow the link below to watch videos with step by step instructions for different Daikin models:
How to use your Daikin controller

Daikin heat pump air-conditioner turned on but not working?

If the indoor unit is showing a blinking green light it usually indicates a fault. Ring the office on 03 578 0030 to discuss further action. Other brands of heat pumps may indicate faults differently.

There is water dripping out of my outdoor unit, is this normal?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. While in cooling mode condensation forms on the evaporator coils and drips into a condensate drain. Sometimes in heating mode, it will form on the outdoor unit and drip onto the ground. This is a normal part of the operation of a heat pump and does not indicate a leak.
What is not normal is water dripping from your indoor unit. If you see this please ring our office on 03 578 0030 to discuss further action.

How can I maintain my heat pump to help it run efficiently?

Clean the air filters on the indoor unit (see the next question for how to do this).
Clean supply and return grilles/louvers with a damp cloth (these are the fins that swing back and forth to move the air) and make sure they're not blocked.
Clean the outdoor unit by gently brushing to clear away dirt, cobwebs and bits of plants and leaves that have gathered and could block the coil or drain.
Keep garden growth away from the outdoor unit and treat with an insecticide to prevent insect infestations.

We recommend you clean the filters of the indoor unit every 4-8 weeks depending on frequency of use (check if they have accumulated dust) and book a technician to complete a full service every 1-2 years depending on the age of your machine and its frequency of use.

How do I clean my heat pump filters?

The procedure to remove the 'fascia' (i.e. front panel) and access the filters of your indoor unit is found in the operation manual that comes with your Daikin air conditioner. To clean a Daikin air filter, simply vacuum away any dust on the filter or wash the air filter with natural detergent thinned with lukewarm water, then allow the filter to dry outside in a shaded area. 
Follow the link below to watch videos with step by step instructions for different Daikin models:
How to clean your Daikin filter

Why do I need someone to come to my home to give me a price for a heat pump?

Our trained consultant will ensure they are providing the best solution for your home by: 

  • Measuring the area and assessing the aspect, construction, cladding and insulation of your home to calculate the heating and cooling requirements.
  • Determining the optimal positioning of the indoor and outdoor unit for operation.
  • Assessing the practical requirements for installing the units, piping and ductwork on the inside and outside of your home. Things that can influence this include space available in the roof or underfloor areas and structures that are already present, e.g. decks.
What does my Daikin Heat Pump Warranty Cover?

Daikin provides a '5-Year Parts and Labour' warranty with all of their split, multi-split and ducted heat pumps professionally installed in domestic premises in New Zealand, so when you choose Daikin, you do so with the confidence of knowing you have many years of worry-free comfort ahead.
Visit the Daikin Warranty page for further information.

Will my heat pump work in below freezing temperatures?

Yes! Daikin heat pumps have you covered. The automatic defrost cycle means even if it gets to minus 10ºC, you’ll still stay warm, as your Daikin effortlessly continues to heat your home to a pre-set temperature.

Why does my heat pump stop heating occasionally when it’s frosty?

During cold periods, while on heating mode, the heat pump will regularly defrost. The colder it gets the more frequently this will need to occur. When the system defrosts the indoor unit will temporarily cease heating for up to 10 minutes. You may notice:

  • A swishing noise from the indoor unit.
  • Water coming out from under the outdoor unit.
  • Steam coming from the outdoor unit.

These are all signs that indicate your heat pump is working normally.

How much does it cost to run a ventilation system?

SmartVent systems cost from as little as 35 cents* per day to operate.
*Based on the fan(s) power consumption on maximum speed, running 24 hours per day, over a 30-day period, at $0.26/kWh.
What are the different types of ventilation systems?

Visit the SmartVent website for their detailed information.

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