Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

As Marlborough's heat pump, air conditioning, & ventilation specialists we know our stuff

We recommend regular care and maintenance of your heat pump to ensure it is running efficiently and any issues can be remedied before they cause a breakdown, or damage, to your heat pump system. 

  How you can maintain your heat pump to help it run efficiently:
  • Clean the filters on indoor unit (IDU) every 4-8 weeks, depending on how frequently it is used (check if they have accumulated dust).
  • Clean supply and return grilles/louvers with a damp cloth (these are the fins that swing back and forth to move the air) and make sure they're not blocked.
  • Clean the outdoor unit by gently brushing to clear away dirt, cobwebs and bits of plants and leaves that have gathered and could block the coil or drain.
  • Keep garden growth away from the outdoor unit and treat with an insecticide to prevent insect infestation.
  • Ensure the area around the outdoor unit (ODU) is clear and allows good airflow.

You can book one of our trained technicians for a demonstration and then do it yourself or have one of our technicians do it for you on regular basis.

We can tailor maintenance programmes to suit your needs:
  • If you can do regular cleaning yourself, you may only need a full service every 1-2 years depending on the age of your machine and its frequency of use.
  • If you have a rental property, business, holiday home or elderly family and would like the peace of mind that it is being done correctly we also offer a regular filter cleaning service.
Have a problem with your heat pump?

We have a team of technical staff who can assist with emergency repairs or breakdowns. We can also assist with heat pump disconnection and reconnections e.g. during renovations.

For further information please request a copy of our Air Conditioning Service Check Sheet.

Customer Testimonial
We had a fault with our home air conditioning system in December – we weren’t sure who to call but called Martella. This was our first experience with the company and we were very impressed with the quick response to our call, the expertise shown by the technician in diagnosing the fault and determining that a replacement part was required. The part was ordered and couriered from Auckland and within 48 hours from our initial call, the unit was up and running. We would have no hesitation in using Martella again and would recommend their services to others.
Paul Higgs
Our Air Conditioning Service Includes:
  • Assessing the condition and operation of the indoor and outdoor units
  • Checking the operation of the indoor and outdoor fans
  • Checking the operation of the outdoor unit compressor
  • Testing the drain and, if applicable, condensate pump operation
  • Checking the electrical circuit of the system
  • Cleaning the air filters and coils
  • Cleaning the supply and return grilles if applicable
  • Advise of any repairs or maintenance required


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